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12 Mar 2013 Simulink Support for Kinect Simulink Support for Kinect is a set of Simulink blocks interfaced with OpenNI and Kinect SDK. Author: Takashi Chikamasa

Hello everybody,

First of all thanks Takashi for this great submission.
Second, I successfully ran SETUP_KINECTSDK and setup_openni.m, but when I try to run some example this message appears.

Error reported by S-function 'sfun_nid' in 'nid_cvst_image/NID IMAQ':

NID Error: Failed to initialize NID. It might be caused by
- NID is not connected.
- NID unsupported block is used in the model
- NID unsupported IMAQ Resolution and FPS is configured.

Some clue to solve this.

Thanks in advance


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