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18 Oct 2011 Fuzzy c-means thresholding Thresholding by 3-class fuzzy c-means clustering. Author: Guanglei Xiong

Hi Guanglei,the code is so nice on biological images.and fair on remote sensing images.have tried to test both methods on remote sensing images but results show otsu is better.
though i have used tested your code on several remote sensing images,I have failed to understand how the code operates.all is that your code segments the image into three classes using FCM clustering thresholding based on 3-class Fuzzy clustering,where by the threshold is obtained by averaging the maximum
in the class with the smallest center and the minimum in the class with the middle center. am i right or wrong about your method?.hope to hear from you.chao

12 Aug 2011 Image segmentation using statistical region merging Very simple and fast image segmentation code using statistical region merging. Author: Sylvain Boltz

Am currently working on flood detection where am supposed to segment the two images , classify them independently and then later obtain a change image.am woundering how i can use to this same method to segment my images and how i can calculate mean for each segment in the image
and also when i try to run this code on my landsat image,it gives this error

??? Index exceeds matrix dimensions.

Error in ==> srm at 66

08 Jun 2011 Fuzzy c-means segmentation This program segments an image into 2 partitions using standard Fuzzy k-means algorithm. Author: Santle Camilus

when i try to segment my multispectral images of size 500*500 ,the code give me this error "??? Array dimensions must match for binary array op".what does it mean? and could you please help

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