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05 Jun 2012 PIVMat 3.02 A PIV Post-processing and data analysis toolbox Author: Frederic Moisy

I've noticed that when I import a .VC7 file and view the v.x and v.y fields, (in my case 1x100 and 1x75, respectively) their dimensions don't agree with the dimensions of v.vx and v.vy.

So, the vector field is 75x100 (#rows x #cols), as it should be, and I would expect the v.vx and v.vy to be the same. However, v.vx and v.vy turn out to be 100x75. It appears to be the transpose.

Does anyone agree with me?

On the online help, it says that v.x and v.y should be 1xM and 1xN respectively. It then says that v.vx and v.vy should both be MxN. The problem is, I find them to be NxM instead.

To fix the problem,I've just transposed them for my analyses, but I'm not completely confident now. Anyone have any ideas? Thx!

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