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I enjoy learning mathematics but have a hard time in any programming skills. I have a BS in mathematics with a minor in Astronomy from EMU. I hope one day to work for NASA but that dream is quickly fading. Also I am w running/workout health nut and am currently training for the Marine Corps Marathon in October.

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interpolation. optimization


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21 Feb 2014 NGPM -- A NSGA-II Program in Matlab v1.4 NSGA-II and R-NSGA-II in Matlab Author: Song Lin

Iman or Ivan, thanks for your response. In the code I have tried the following but still cant get a maximum optimization (still negative values).

options.objfun = @(-NSGA2_Objfun);
*doesn't work still looking up @ function properties in matlab.

Or within the NSGA2_Objfun I multiple the final result by negative one.

13 Jan 2014 NSGA - II: A multi-objective optimization algorithm A function for multi-objective optimization using evolutionary algorithms Author: Aravind Seshadri

Can anyone give me an example of how to do a maximization problem?

07 Jan 2014 NGPM -- A NSGA-II Program in Matlab v1.4 NSGA-II and R-NSGA-II in Matlab Author: Song Lin

Hi all,
Can anyone give me an example on how to maximize an objective function? I understand multiplying by negative one but its only producing negative results.

19 Nov 2013 Newton method with line search Finds the roots of a function using the Newton method with line search Author: George Papazafeiropoulos

Good Afternoon, I am trying to apply your amazing work to stiffness using a force-displacement curve. I was just wondering if I am using the algorithm for the following situation. What would be my function and my jacobian? Thanks so much!!

Load steps n=1,2,...,n_max
Iterations i=1,2,...,i_max
stop when r(n)<delta_f(n)

06 Mar 2012 3D Rotation about Shifted Axis Computes/applies rotation about arbitrary 3D line. Author: Matt J

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