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03 Aug 2011 DataTable store data in a table format that supports printing in plain text, Latex, HTML, Wiki,... Author: Paul Mattern

Hey Paul,
Thanks much for this great function -- I have just implemented it for printing some results and it is working quite well. Quick question, I use latex often and was wondering if it is easy to make basic changes to the Latex TablePrinter class/method -- specifically, I wanted to have the option to an \hline after the first row, thus distinguishing row titles from the datasets. Any thoughts?
I really appreciate it.
Thanks again.

27 May 2011 matlabfrag A matlab figure to .eps and .tex file exporter, similar to LaPrint Author: Zebb Prime

Hey Zebb,
I am a huge fan of LaTeX (used it to write my dissertation), and had I known of your function -- well, my life would have been a bit different. Very nice work.
Two comments:
1) The sortrows function in MatLab 2011a has been changed to perform a check on input array with ismatrix, and as such, throws an error within matlabfrag. I made a simple fix by changing the sortrows to sort as below (lines 262 to 282), however, I didn't check if this changes the sort logic:
% Sort by text size first
%[Y,I] = sortrows(cell2mat( PsfragCmds(:,4)))
[Y,I] = sort( cell2mat( PsfragCmds(:,4) ) ); %#ok<*ASGLU> Required for backward compatibility
PsfragCmds = PsfragCmds(I,:);
% Now sort by colour
[Y,I] = sortrows( cell2mat( PsfragCmds(:,5) ), [3 2 1] );
PsfragCmds = PsfragCmds(I,:);
% Now sort by font angle
[Y,I] = sort( cell2mat( PsfragCmds(:,6) ) );
PsfragCmds = PsfragCmds(I,:);
% Now sort by font weight
[Y,I] = sort( cell2mat( PsfragCmds(:,7) ) );
PsfragCmds = PsfragCmds(I,:);
% Now sort by whether it is 'fixed width'
[Y,I] = sort( cell2mat( PsfragCmds(:,8) ) );
PsfragCmds = PsfragCmds(I,:);
% Now sort by label type
[Y,I] = sort( PsfragCmds(:,9) );
PsfragCmds = PsfragCmds(I,:);
clear Y
2) How does matlabfrag handle background color in text annotations? I am trying to publish a few statistics and an equation on the plot, but haven't had much luck.

Thank you again, it's really an incredible function,

19 May 2011 matlab2tikz/matlab2tikz A script to convert MATLAB/Octave into TikZ figures for easy and consistent inclusion into LaTeX. Author: Nico Schlömer

Thank you, Nico, the script is a work of art. I am an experienced LaTeX user (what I used to write my dissertation), and very comfortable in MatLab (minus any major plot generation). Thus, when I found your code, you can imagine how thrilled I was as I am building scripts for report generation at this time. This would be, easily, the best script I have ever encountered on this file exchange if I could find how to:
1) Remove the 10^5 in the x-axis label (I also use datetick and have added the suggestion by Mukhtar to the LaTeX preamble to no avail).
2) Predefine line width, image aspect ratio, and some sort of a scaling parameter, so that the output width and height parameters in the tikz, e.g.,


3) Some sort of understanding of how I can specify whether or not the title, axis labels, legends not be interpreted in LaTeX math mode (or do you suggest that I hard code this)?

Perhaps such features are supported (as mentioned by Petter), however a quick browse through the m file didn't give me much of a starting point.

@Alexander Klein, I am interested to know if your improvements were ever implemented by the author?

Thanks all for everything,

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