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02 Oct 2012 Screenshot BigSubplot subplot with controlable margins and a more intuitive arguments for sub-image positions Author: WurmD subplot, plot, figure 9 0
01 Oct 2012 Screenshot Display lots of variable infor displays size, min, max, type, std, mean and med of H Author: WurmD info, display, variable 3 0
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18 Aug 2013 export_fig Exports figures nicely to a number of vector & bitmap formats. Author: Oliver Woodford

Hi Oliver,
Let me add my voiceto the chorus: "Fantastic work!" :)

Now, I notice one thing you change is the grid lines to "- Improved line and grid line styles"
Which in my plot have been "No grid lines"

It would be nice to have the option of keeping the grid lines as shown, and keep your "Improved line and grid lines" as default

I looked into the code but couldn't figure where you're not adding the grid lines to the pdf

Will you create such an option (keep grid lines)? Will you tell me how?


02 Mar 2013 Microsoft 32/64-bit Visual C++ 2008 Express support files MEX and MBUILD setup files for 32/64-bit Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Express and Windows Platform SDK. Author: Larry Baker

The link in your README to download MSVS2008 no longer works

I downloaded it from http://www.baixaki.com.br/download/visual-c-2008-express-editions.htm (but it's in Portuguese)

and Windows SDK for Windows Server 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5 from http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=11310

31 Jul 2012 FileSeries - Rename / renumber files, recursive directories Renaming and renumbering for series of files ; generalize the use of wildcards (*) for CD, LS ... Author: Frederic Moisy

Hi Frederic, thank you for your work.

One detail though:
- rdir does not list directories recursively (it "returns a cell array of file names matching NAME" in the specified directories);
- rdelete does not delete files recursively (it "deletes the named files" as indicated in the file comments);
- rrmdir does not remove directories recursively (it "deletes the named directories" as indicated in the file comments).

If you would be so kind as to correct/clarify the above File Information Description
" rdir - Recursive list directory.
rdelete - Delete files recursively.
rrmdir - Delete directories recursively."
it would not mislead others (as it did me).

For a limited recursive behavior (up to two recursive directories deep) of rdir I tried

AstAstFolders = rdir('\*\*','dironly');

but this only lists the directories, two folders down, it does not list the directories one folder down.

Did I miss anything? This is the intended behavior? Is there a way to actually rdir recursively (all the folders and sub-folders and sub-sub-folders) ?

Cheers, and thank you again anyway

19 Jul 2012 Distance Matrix fast, vectorized distance matrix calculation Author: Joseph Kirk

(in the code, the automatic option selection)
numels = n*n*dims;
opt = 2; if numels > 5e4, opt = 3; elseif n < 20, opt = 1; end

The choice of opt 3 if "n*n*dims > 5e4" might be too conservative.
Those with 8 GB of RAM might want to change it to "n*n*dims > 2e8" safely (tested with the code below)

- One thing I would like help understanding is, why is the double for loop faster than and of the distmat options (in all tested situations)

rabo = rand(600);

distrabo = zeros(size(rabo,1));
for i = 1:size(rabo,1)
for j = i:size(rabo,1)
distrabo(i,j) = norm(rabo(i,:)-rabo(j,:));
distrabo(j,i) = distrabo(i,j);

[distraboCompare opt] = distmat(rabo,1);
fprintf('Opt1 supposedly faster for smaller inputs '), toc,
[distraboCompare opt] = distmat(rabo,2);
fprintf('Opt2 supposedly faster for medium inputs '), toc,
[distraboCompare opt] = distmat(rabo,3);
fprintf('Opt3 only half vectorized for less memory '), toc,
[distraboCompare opt] = distmat(rabo,4);
fprintf('Opt4 fully vectorized but for also less memory '), toc,


23 Jun 2011 Diffusion Distance Calculate the diffusion distance between histograms Author: Matthew Foster

the check "all(size(dist) >= size(kernel))"
prevents the comparison of vectors.

To be able to compare vectors with this distance, i've changed it to:

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