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25 Jan 2012 Copy / Clone method for handle and hgsetget class Enable deep copying of child objects of classes handle or hgsetget Author: Sebastian Hölz deep copy clone hgset..., oop 10 1
12 May 2011 Coordinate Extractor Extract geographic coordinate(s) out of string(s). Author: Sebastian Hölz coordinate string dou... 9 0
10 Jun 2009 Screenshot gridcolor Change color of grid lines without changing color of axis labels or box Author: Sebastian Hölz annotation, customization, grid color, axis labels, box color, graphics 18 16
  • 3.125
3.1 | 9 ratings
21 Jan 2009 plotLDS Enhance zooming and panning on large data sets by automatically downsampling data Author: Sebastian Hölz data exploration, plot, large, data, set, timeseries 13 4
  • 4.0
4.0 | 1 rating
21 Jan 2009 Callback Stack Easy way to add multiple callbacks to objects, which support callback-functions (e.g. HG objects) Author: Sebastian Hölz data exploration, multiple callbacks, graphics, multiple, graphical data 7 0
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03 Apr 2014 propertiesGUI - display properties in an editable context-aware table propertiesGUI processes and displays a list of data properties in a context-aware GUI table Author: Yair Altman

Hi Yair,

is it possible to trigger a callback, if one of the items in the generated list is selected? I have a potentially complicated tree structure generated from a collection of graphical objects. As the user selects an item in the list, I would like to high-light the according graphics object.


13 Jan 2014 Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) Export of Figures Converts 3D and 2D MATLAB plots to the scalable vector format (SVG). Author: Juerg Schwizer

I experienced some problems when exporting a figure with a map containing a true color image. Upon export the "linked" image was plain empty. I could track this down to line 2024 of the code "imwrite(pointc, ..."

pointc is changed to double (n x m x 3) a few lines above. If you cast it back to uint8, the imwrite command works as expected (i.e. "imwrite(uint8(pointc), ..."

I don't know if this is a case in plot2svg, which is just not handled or maybe if the imwrite command has changed.

16 Aug 2013 Graph Picker Helps digitize graph data from an image. Author: Travis Wiens

You should give the links to the required files (rotate_image, imclipboard).

13 Aug 2013 Perceptually improved colormaps 5 perceptual colormaps with rainbow-like colors and 1 with heat colors Author: Matteo Niccoli


I just had a long discussion with a colleague a few days ago on "big" anomalies in his plot, which were mainly due to the perception of the chosen colormap (jet).

I really like the "Edge" and "LinearL" colormaps and will must likely start to use them in the future.

11 Sep 2012 allowaxestogrow With one click, zoom axes for better visibility. Author: Matt Caywood

It should be mentioned that the code does not work for plots with log-axes. This is because it is using the OpenGL renderer.


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17 Apr 2014 Polygon Clipper Given two arbitrary polygons, the routine calculates the resulting polygon ... Author: Sebastian Hölz Trey

31 Jan 2014 Polygon Clipper Given two arbitrary polygons, the routine calculates the resulting polygon ... Author: Sebastian Hölz Ilya

Awesome, thanks

14 Jan 2014 cline Draw a colored line in 2D or 3D Author: Sebastian Hölz alessandro

Nice function.
Answering to Xavi Alonso (even if comment is quite old), you could insert a matrix mx3 just be reshaping cdata in a way you have mx1x3.
Indeed I have modified cline function replacing rows 76-81 with:

elseif nargin == 4
if isempty(z); z = zeros(size(x)); end
p = patch([x(:); nan], [y(:); nan], [z(:); nan], 0);
cdata = [cdata;nan nan nan];

it is not optimized maybe but however it worked for me.
Hope this help


19 Dec 2013 Curve Intersect 2 Finds the intersection points between two arbitrary polygons. Author: Sebastian Hölz Johannes

why does this result in an empty matrix? curveintersect([-1 -0.9],[0 3],[-0.9 0],[3 0])

01 Jul 2013 Polygon Clipper Given two arbitrary polygons, the routine calculates the resulting polygon ... Author: Sebastian Hölz Veena

Firstly, this is a fantastic tool. I've used it over and over again. I've been on a 32 bit machine till now and it's worked wonderfully.
Now, however, i've moved to 64 bit, and i'm in trouble.. i need to recompile. While i try to go through the process, I wanted to throw this request out there: Would anyone be willing to share the 64 bit version of this mex file? That would be incredibly useful to me (and I would guess others as well).

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