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Basil Aljorani

University of Basrah

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Hybrid engine control , simulation and optimization


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27 May 2011 DC motor with separate excitation Create model of DC motor with separate excitation. Author: Basil Aljorani dc machines, control 15 0
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27 Sep 2014 Steam Condenser Model and PI Control A dynamic model of a steam condenser with PID control. Author: Yi Cao

nice work. thank you

15 Oct 2011 Simulink programmable pulse generator A pulse generator with amplitude, pulse width, and pulse period inputs. Author: Dustin

amazing , really , really thanks
i need in my PhD work

29 Jun 2011 Hybrid-Electric Vehicle Model in Simulink Model of a hybrid-electric vehicle with system-level and detailed variants of electrical system. Author: Steve Miller

can i run this model with 2010a.

05 Jun 2011 DC Motor Model (Simulink) DC Motor Model (Simulink model) with Voltage input, speed and current output graph Author: Wesam Elshamy

nice and simple

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