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10 May 2013 barwitherr(errors,varargin) This is a very simple extension of MatLab's bar function to add error bars. Author: Martina Callaghan

I've added the following nice things to change color and bar size :
After line "handles.bar = bar(varargin{:}); % standard implementation of bar fn":
for n=1:length(handles.bar)
set(handles.bar(n),'edgecolor',[.4 .4 .4],'facecolor',[1 0.6 0.2]);
Colors can be even changed for a specified n.

After "hold off":
for n=1:length(h)
clear hh
x = get(hh(2),'xdata');
w = .1; % Horizontal lines width
x(4:9:end) = x(1:9:end)-w/2;
x(7:9:end) = x(1:9:end)-w/2;
x(5:9:end) = x(1:9:end)+w/2;
x(8:9:end) = x(1:9:end)+w/2;

It changes the width, and the aspect of the error bar line. With tha, you should also add an "end" after, the hold off being non longer the termination.

Anyway, very nice program!

17 Aug 2011 BreakPlot Produces a plot who's y-axis skips to avoid unnecessary blank space Author: Michael Robbins

Works very well for my purpose. Most powerfull from my point of vue than breakxaxis for y-axis breaking

17 Aug 2011 BreakXAxis Inserts < // > into a 'broken' or discontinuous x-axis. Author: Julie Haas

I don't understand how you can do the same on y-axis. Can you explain? What do I have to change in code? Thanks

05 Aug 2011 Wind_rose Wind rose of direction and intensity Author: M MA

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