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14 Nov 2011 Replace strings in text file REPLACEINFILE replaces characters in ASCII file using PERL Author: Pekka Kumpulainen

Ehsan suggested on 02 Jan 2011 to write the code for a sort of automatical switch between different OS. In my case, I have on my computer Windows and Ubuntu 10.04 Linux, so I have replaced the line

perlCmd = sprintf('"%s"',fullfile(matlabroot, 'sys\perl\win32\bin\perl'));


if findstr('glnx',lower(computer))
perlCmd = sprintf('"%s"',fullfile('/usr/bin/perl'));
else %assume it's windows otherwise
perlCmd = sprintf('"%s"',fullfile(matlabroot, 'sys\perl\win32\bin\perl'));

I have only tested on Ubuntu 10.04 Linux, with positive results on a 240 MB file. It works like a charm and very fast.

02 Jun 2011 Myaa - My Anti-Alias for Matlab Better looking Matlab figures with anti-aliasing! Author: Anders Brun

Thank you for sharing this nice code.

To easily have the image saved on my hdd, I modified 2 lines in original code:

1. 192# %delete(tempfile);
meaning that I have commented this line, such that the file with the image should not be removed

2. 182# tempfile = ['myaa_temp_screendump ',num2str(rand(1)*1e5,'%5.0f'), '.png'] ;
meaning that each time I run myaa.m, the image name should change, ending with 5 random numbers. Therefore, I do not overwrite the same image file each time I run myaa.m

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