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15 Mar 2012 kmeans image segmentation Application of kmeans clustering algorithm to segment a grey scale image on diferent classes. Author: Jose Vicente Manjon-Herrera

Excellent code, but I came across a problem in this code. Whenever number of clusters specified are more than possible partitions of the image the algorithm got stuck. Here is the solution.

find following line in the given code
if(mu==oldmu) break;end;

now add following lines of code before this line.
for i=1:k,
mu(i) = i*m/(k+1);

The problem was occuring when NaN was encountered in centroid computation.

02 Nov 2011 Fast Non-Local Means 1D, 2D Color and 3D NL-means image and signal denoising filter based on similarity between pixel patches Author: Dirk-Jan Kroon

Dear Author, Thanx for sharing. But, there is some error in C files as it crashes on Matlab R2010b. Ole Buus & Jancc Chan had also the same problem, but you didn't respond to them.
Please correct the error and upload correct files

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