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08 Jul 2011 Match Plot Draw matching lines between corresponding points in two image. Useful for SIFT feature matching. Author: Li yang Ku

Thank you very much!

04 Jul 2011 Modified Hausdorff Distance This function computes the Modified Hausdorff Distance (MHD) as per Dubuisson et al. Author: SasiKanth

OK,I know ,thank you!

03 Jul 2011 Keypoint Extraction Extract image keypoints using most common algorithms. Author: Vincent Garcia

hi good job,I want to change the code to extract the point with the plot function,that maybe used plot(r,c,'r+'),so how can I change it?thank you!

03 Jul 2011 Corner Detection using SUSAN operator Detect corner points in an image using SUSAN operator. Author: Edward Wiggin

thank you very much!

23 Jun 2011 Fast Template Matching using SSDXCORR Fast Template Matching using Cross Correlation based Sum of Squared Difference Author: Yue Wu

thank you very much!

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