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30 Jun 2011 Fit Logistic Curve to a Data Set This is a Matlab GUI, that will try to fit a logistic function to a given set of data. Author: Varuna De Silva

This program looks great and I was very excited with using it but it doesn't seem to like my data. I have for instance X=[.2;.4;.6;.7;.8;.9;1] and Y=[95;90;90;70;65;55;50]. When I press 'plot inital' it looks ok, but when I press 'find it' I get the message 'Exiting: Maximum number of function evaluations has been exceeded - increase MaxFunEvals option. Current function value: -Inf' with K=-Inf and s_sq_e=NaN.
Would be great if you could explain who to get this right. Thanks!

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