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08 Oct 2011 Total Least Squares Method Mathematical method known as total least squares or orthogonal regression or error-in-variables. Author: Ivo Petras

Thank you very much for you sharing with your package on TLS.
I tested it, and found some mistakes on function [Err, P] = orm(X, Y, order).
They were listed the following:
line 21 kx=length(X); instead of kx=length(Xdata);
line 22 ky=length(Y); instead of ky=length(Ydata);
line 28 P = R/(Q'.*X.^order); When matlab run it, matlab always sent an Error message"
Matrix dimensions must agree".
And the followed line 29 30 may meet the same Error. But I can not get your mean and have not any advise.

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