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26 Oct 2012 Simple Tracker Simple multiple particle tracker with gap closing. Author: Jean-Yves Tinevez

Thanks for the code.But i find a small bug in the code in the line 215 of simpletracker.m file.
A = sparse(row_index, column_index, link_flag, n_total_cells, n_total_cells)
When i run and try to see A, i find some of the values has been computed as 2, which should not be the case as per definition of sparse:
and link_flag is a matrix of ones.
May be this could be one of the reason that the number of tracks which it computes at the end is not equal to what i expected.
I have a large array as my number of frames is 28400 and the number of points in some frames are 10 and in some it is 9.
If you could please explain or fix this bug, it will be helpful for me.


10 Jan 2012 look3d: A 3-D Image Viewer This GUI program allows you to navigate through a 3-D image with three orthogonal views. Author: Ren Hui Gong

great viewer..it works great..thnx

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