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Ryan Stafford

University of Queensland

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04 Oct 2012 splash.m(revised) Add a splash screen to your GUI Author: Qun HAN

It causes Matlab r2012a to freeze up and crash

07 Jul 2011 Arduino IO package: Slides and Examples Slides for the webinar: "Learning Basic Mechatronics Concepts Using the Arduino Board and MATLAB". Author: Giampiero Campa

I'm having exacting the same problem as Mario... a connection issue when using the Arduino Uno with Simulink. The odd thing is, I also have the older Arduino board (Duemilanove) and this works absolutely fine with the Simulink examples provided. As far as I am aware, these two boards use exactly the same chip (328P) but the UNO now uses ATmega8U2 instead of the FTDI chip. I'm not sure how to resolve this issue or why this is causing a problem... any ideas? The Uno works fine within the Arduino environment and I can also make a connection when using the arduino.m file, but when I try to download a Simulink model to the board I receive the same error message Mario has listed above. Thanks,
-Ryan Stafford

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