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Siva Malla

IIT Bhubaneswar, India;

Personal Profile:

Research Scholar,
School of Electrical Sciences,
IIT Bhubaneswar,
India ;

Professional Interests:
power electronics; Drives, FACTS, Electric Power Distribution Systems, Distributed Generation, Renewable Energy, Power Systems, Switched Reluctance Motor Design and Control, Electrical Machine Design, Simulation of Electric Power Systems, Simulation of Electrical Machines...........


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29 Apr 2014 Screenshot PMSG based Wind Power Generation System Connected to Controllable Recifier PMSG based wind power generation system is connected to controllable three phase rectifier. Author: Siva Malla pmsg, wind, rectifier, mppt, voltage regulator, power 142 1
18 Mar 2014 Screenshot 3 Types of 1-Phase Controlled Inverters 1-phase inverter in R and RL load with control. Author: Siva Malla inverter, spwm, r and rl load, dc to ac 72 0
07 Aug 2013 Screenshot Residential Grid connected PV system with MPPT Single phase grid connected PV system Author: Siva Malla mppt, pv, grid, single phase 224 1
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4.5 | 2 ratings
05 Aug 2013 Screenshot Single Phase Inverter Fed by Closed Loop Boost Converter Boost converter is feed to single phase inverter Author: Siva Malla boost converter, inverter, pi 102 0
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5.0 | 1 rating
05 Aug 2013 Screenshot SVPWM based single phase to three phase stand alone system with multilevel inverter converted single phase to three phase with multilevel inverter Author: Siva Malla svpwm, stand alone, multi level, inverter 98 1
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2.0 | 2 ratings
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19 May 2014 Fuzzy controller based Speed Control of DC Motor in this model, speed control of DC motor using Fuzzy Logic is simulated Author: Siva Malla

u didn't run it properly...run fuzzy properly...

12 Dec 2013 Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation Based Three Phase Rectifier Space Vector pulse width modulation based three phase rectifier Author: Syed Abdul Rahman Kashif

good model

23 Aug 2013 Inverter Control for Constant Current Load control of inverter is designed Author: Siva Malla

I don't have 2012a. So, i can't understand. U can Install 2008a. I built in 2008a

14 Aug 2013 PV temperature dependent model Urgent assistance needed to find solution to a modelling error Author: Agwu

Can you send me a matlab file in 2008a version. Because I have 2008a, your file is not opening.

If you send it to mallasivaganesh@gmail.com, then I will rectify within one or two days.

08 Aug 2013 PMSG based Wind Power Generation System wind power generation based on Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator Author: Siva Malla

Dear Kshitiz Byahatti: Yes, you can change ratings of PMSG generator, but according to PMSG ratings you should also change wind and other ratings like L, C etc....My email Id is malla_phd@yahoo.com

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26 Aug 2014 Cell Tracking. Blood Cell Tracking System Author: Siva Malla LI, YUEXIANG

Hi Siva

I have checked your codes. They are great, but there is not any comments even the one telling where these codes from. Could you please give me some information about how these codes are generated? Thanks a lot.

24 Aug 2014 SVPWM based speed control of Induction Motor with 3-level Inverter using V/F method design SVPWM for 3 level inverter for speed control of Induction motor based on V/F method Author: Siva Malla gohel, Mayur

14 Aug 2014 MPPT based Photovoltaic (PV) system PV system is operated with MPPT algorithm and converter. Author: Siva Malla hu

Thank you for your models~

11 Aug 2014 Induction Motor Controlled by AC Voltage Controller Induction Motor speed controlled by using 3-phase AC voltage controller Author: Siva Malla vaibhav

17 Jul 2014 SVPWM based speed control of PMSM with 3-level Inverter speed control of PMSM based on SVPWM Author: Siva Malla ingle, pravin

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