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17 Jul 2011 Snake : Active Contour Snake Segmentation (Kass et al), 2D/3D including GVF and balloon force (Easy to read code) Author: Dirk-Jan Kroon

Thank you very much for your great job! It is very usefull for my master thesis, but I would like to ask some questions about your toolbox.

1) If I try your example in Snake3D, the 3D Model (SphereMesh) is growing up to the out of boundary. How could it be corrected?

2) Should this 3D Model always a increasing deformable model or could it be shrinking model too?

3)Is this parameter "Delta" for baloon force always necesarry for GVF?

4)I couldnt find the parameter "Kappa" in the papers in the Literature. Could you please put the paper which contains an equation with "Kappa"?

Thanks in advance

13 Jul 2011 Parametric Active Model Toolbox Collection of functions and examples of parametric active model. Author: Bing Li

Very nice job, Bing. It works perfect. Thank you ! Furthermore, I would like to ask you, how can I use/modify this code for 3D- Image/Object? Which functions can I use instead of AC_display, AC_quiver, AC_deform etc.? Actually I want to segment an 3D image and visualize it like your example for 2D-image.


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