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08 Aug 2011 BLOC - Automatic UML class diagram creator Used to create a UML class diagram from a MATLAB object oriented program. Author: Thinh

Great work, but i had a problem.
??? Undefined function or variable "TipPos".

Error in ==> UMLpanel.runUML at 209
compos1 = Compos(TipPos,TailPos);

Error in ==> UMLcreator>@(h,d)obj.Panel.runUML at 43

??? Error while evaluating uicontrol Callback

??? Error using ==> UMLpanel.runUML>arrow_scrolling
Too many input arguments.

??? Error while evaluating figure KeyPressFcn

23 Jul 2011 Face Recognition Face recognition using eigenface system Author: Ali Behboodian

Excellent work, please tell me how can i cite this work

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