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14 Mar 2014 Matlab Offscreen Rendering Toolbox Project 3D mesh onto image using off screen OpenGL rendering, determine face color, visibilty, etc. Author: Tianli Yu

I've run into a couple of bugs that maybe related. I'm running this on MATLAB 2013b, Win64 7.

1. When I run ShadowProj2, the first time around it appears to operate as expected. However, on the second call in the same Matlab session, the bit mask is all zeros even for the same exact call.
2. After the initial call, if I clear the workspace and make a subsequent call to ShadowProj2 MATLAB throws a system error.

Any ideas?

21 Jan 2013 Recursive directory listing - Enhanced RDIR Files and directories listing, including recursive and other special features Author: Thomas Vanaret

Nice implementation and it's nice that it has the same output as "dir". My only grep is that it can be somewhat slow when you're recursing through really dense file structures. This could be my file system or the fact the implementation is pure MATLAB, which is nicely portable, but it would be nice to parse sections out to an option mex file for extra speed.

21 Jan 2013 Tree data structure as a MATLAB class A per-value class that implements a generic tree data structure. Author: Jean-Yves Tinevez

Excellent implementation of the tree data structure. I really like the automatic plotting function although it gets a bit crowded for large trees.

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