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05 Aug 2011 TDMS Reader Read TDMS files v1 & v2 without DLL Current Version: 2.5 Author: Jim Hokanson

Great piece of work - thanks.
I get an erro when trying to read by TDMS file created directly by the NI-DAQmx .NET TdmsLogging function. The error stack is:

??? Error using ==> TDMS_processLeadIn at 50
Currently code is unable to ignore/handle Raw Daq MX data
Error in ==> TDMS_preprocessFile at 175
[flags,info] = TDMS_processLeadIn(fid,lastLetter);
Error in ==> TDMS_readTDMSFile at 225
metaStruct = TDMS_preprocessFile(fid,tdmsFileName,paramsStruct);
Error in ==> TDMS_getStruct at 57
[temp,metaStruct] = TDMS_readTDMSFile(filePath,readOptions{:});

It appears that "Raw DAQmx data" is not currently supported. It's too bad because you can create a data logger in MATLAB (with ONLY NI-DAQmx and base MATLAB installed) with a few lines of code. I'll share this with anyone interested.

Any chance of an update that supports this data type?

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