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11 Nov 2011 Screenshot CubicSplineSmoothinV2 A GUI for smoothing noisy data. Author: Lufuno Vhengani image processing, interpolation 13 0
17 Oct 2011 BandSelectorGUIv2 Use this GUI to visualise separate bands of an image. Author: Lufuno Vhengani image processing 6 0
08 Sep 2011 Screenshot Lines Intersection This function finds the intersection point of two lines. Author: Lufuno Vhengani mathematics 6 0
17 Aug 2011 Select or Crop Portion of Image This program select or crops a rectangular portion of any given image. Author: Lufuno Vhengani image processing, mathematics, measurement 18 0
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31 Jan 2012 LANDSAT ETM+ MTL parser Reads the information from MTL text file, which is provided with LANDSAT 7 ETM+ data. Author: Seongsu Jeong

Very useful.

03 Nov 2011 Scientific Calculator Four Function Calculator with expandable scientific functions. Works with keyboard. Author: Brian

08 Sep 2011 Find Polynomial Intersections Find the intersections between 2 or more polynomials. Author: Alister Fong

This is nice, I used it first time and it worked.

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