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08 Aug 2011 Fast and Robust Curve Intersections Computes intersection points of two curves. Author: Douglas Schwarz


I've got a pollygon that encloses the origin and I have 2 points P1 and P2 outside the pollygon such that the line P1P2 intersects the pollygon in 2 points, I1 and I2, that I determine using the 'intersections' function. Then I rotate my line P1P2 by 10 degrees 36 times and I determine the intersection points with the pollygon for each angle. The results are stored in 2 vectors, x0 and y0, each with 2 components. Now,what I am trying to figure out here is how does the function choose to allocate the numerical values of the coordinates of the 2 points to x0(1) and x0(2) respectively?More explicitly, what does x0(1) represent, the x coordinate of which one of the 2 intersection points? Is it random? Cheers!

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