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28 Mar 2014 GPUBench Compare GPUs using standard numerical benchmarks in MATLAB. Author: Parallel Computing Team

Thank you Michal

I think you have the same problem for double precision as i had.

But it seems that its necessary to enable double precision mode for the GTX Titan

it is in the NVIDIA control Panel, under Manage 3d settings, global settings tab.

After Enabling things look much different:
MTimes_D Backslash_D FFT_D
GeForce GTX TITAN 1285.83 128.35 146.92
Tesla C2075 333.84 246.11 73.36

28 Mar 2014 GPUBench Compare GPUs using standard numerical benchmarks in MATLAB. Author: Parallel Computing Team

For the people who get the error with max 500 recursions, try not to run the app, but just type gpuBench(). For me it worked.

Is there any information on what systems the reference result statistics are made?
We decided to go for a GeForce GTX TITAN, in stead of a C2075 because on specs it should beat the C2075 eccept for the ECC memory but most people turn that off, to get faster performance. But now when i runned the bench, the Tesla 2075 beats the GTX in our system on nearly everything, except for MTimes and FFT (SINGLE).
Especially Backslash double with 82Gflops was very dissapointing compared to the 246 for the C2075 in the reference system.

Any one else there with a Titan, that could share his/her results? please send a pm if so.

20 Jan 2014 entropy, joint entropy and conditional entropy function for n variables entropy, joint entropy for any number of variables and the conditional entropy Author: Nashat Abughalieh

i was looking for 2 entropy implementations that give the same answere. And i found it, but guess what? its because they are the same code.
the jentropy used in this submission is the same as the entropy file here http://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/12857-entropy.

09 Apr 2013 NGPM -- A NSGA-II Program in Matlab v1.4 NSGA-II and R-NSGA-II in Matlab Author: Song Lin

Hi, thanks for the code i like it a lot. I had to take a deeper look at the code, because in the populations.txt file the constraints are always zero. even for the TP_CONSTR example when the c in the function evaluation is not zero.

i think there should be another line on the bottom in the evaluation.m file.

% Save the objective values and constraint violations
indi.obj = y;
if( ~isempty(indi.cons) )
idx = find( cons );
if( ~isempty(idx) )
indi.nViol = length(idx);
indi.violSum = sum( abs(cons) );
indi.cons =cons; %added line!
indi.nViol = 0;
indi.violSum = 0;

Could you or some body else please also check if that is right? and that i am not messing up something else by doing this?

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