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05 Dec 2012 Region Growing (2D/3D grayscale) Recursive region growing algorithm for 2D/3D grayscale images with polygon and binary mask output Author: Daniel

16 Jul 2012 Fast mutual information of two images or signals Optimized function for mutual information of two images or signals Author: Jose Delpiano

Thank you for sharing this. I modified based on this to calculate normalized mutual information. However, I found the results could be larger than 1 sometimes (which is wrong). I checked my modified part and everything is correct, which means the mutual information given by this code could be wrong or not accurate. I checked the code and found that it is mainly caused by different definition of bin boundary of hist (matlab defined) and hist2 (user defined). I replaced hist() with following myhist() and the result is now excellent on simulated toy testing data.

function n=myhist(A,L)

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