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15 Jan 2013 subtightplot Asymmetric subplots with variable inner gaps and outer margins. Author: Felipe G. Nievinski

Very useful. Thought of writing it myself before found this submission.

15 Jan 2013 GUI Layout Toolbox Layout management objects for MATLAB GUIs Author: Ben Tordoff

Unfortunately, the bug with TabPanel and axes is still present. Yes, axes are now always rendered (the effect that resizing or drawnow fixed previously), but, as before, they are not hidden when I switch to another tab. Seems like it depends on the level on which axes are nested. e.g if ancesting is as follows: tab->uipanel->axes, then everything works fine. But if I add one more layer, it breaks, e.g. tab->uipanel->uipanel->axes. (what's interesting, is than borders of uipanels are not rendered when switching to another tab, so they are indeed hidden, while axes are not hidden; they're not even being bound by these borders any more

23 Oct 2012 Tree data structure as a MATLAB class A per-value class that implements a generic tree data structure. Author: Jean-Yves Tinevez

20 Feb 2012 sub2allind convert subscripts to ALL corresponding indices Author: Michael Völker

Very useful, thanks)

19 Dec 2011 MINTERSECT -- Multiple set intersection. A generalization of INTERSECT to handle multiple inputs. Author: David Fass

One small correction: at the end the line

varargout(k) = {};

should be changed to

varargout(k) = {[]};

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