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12 Nov 2008 Screenshot BreakPlot Produces a plot who's y-axis skips to avoid unnecessary blank space Author: Michael Robbins axis, break, graph, graph types, plot, plotting 58 3
  • 5.0
5.0 | 2 ratings
23 Oct 2008 Screenshot BinomialProbability Probability of surviving k of n trials where the outcome is to win or to lose. Author: Michael Robbins probability, chance, combination, permutation, binomial, survivor 10 0
05 Apr 2006 Screenshot mode Statistical mode. Author: Michael Robbins statistics, probability, mean, median, stats 13 9
  • 4.8
4.8 | 5 ratings
31 Jan 2006 Screenshot df2fts_ Fetch from bloomberg and put in financial time series object. Author: Michael Robbins finance, modeling, analysis, bloomberg fetch ftsgu... 9 1
26 Jan 2006 Screenshot FASTGETGRID Extracts values and formuals form all worksheets in a Microsoft Office Spreadsheet Object (OWC). Author: Michael Robbins gui tools, example, excel spreadsheet wor... 2 1
  • 5.0
5.0 | 1 rating
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21 Mar 2014 fixfilename Renames filenames to account for valid characters. Author: Michael Robbins Nathan Tomlin

15 May 2013 Good MATLAB Programming Practices For the non-programmer. Author: Michael Robbins Rainer Schmitt

10 Oct 2012 BreakPlot Produces a plot who's y-axis skips to avoid unnecessary blank space Author: Michael Robbins Ganquan Mao

Very nice

03 Sep 2012 robustreadcsv CSVREAD for files with varying number of cols. Author: Michael Robbins Jonathan

Adding this code to the end of the function makes a variable for each column. The name is taken from the first (header) row

data = MM;
clear MM;
for i=1:size(data,2)
cmd = ['MM.' data{1,i} ' = data(2:end,' num2str(i) ');'];

28 Jul 2012 BreakAxis Produces a plot who's y-axis skips to avoid unecessary blank space. Author: Michael Robbins J G

Is it possible to use this for hist function?

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