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16 Aug 2012 freezeColors / unfreezeColors Use multiple colormaps per figure! Version 2, now works for many types of objects, not only images. Author: John Iversen

I found the trick. Actually I was plotting 3 subplots: 1 surfc + 2 contourf, and it doesn't work but when I changed the order as following:
2 contourf + 1 surfc (i.e. surfc at the end)
It works... very mysterious

16 Aug 2012 usercolormap usercolormap lets you create your own colormap in a simple way. Intensity scale can be respected. Author: Yo Fukushima

Problem with the intensity factor. Produce negative values inside the colormap.
Tried with the following example:
color1 = [1 1 0.7];
color2 = [1 0.8 0];
color3 = [1 0 0];
color4 = [0.4 0 0];

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