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03 Aug 2012 Ant System TSP Solver A demo of an Ant System algorithm solving classical Traveling Salesman Problems. Author: Johannes

Hi, Johannes, thanks for uploading the code. It seems that there is a bug in the program.
"curnode = startnode(m)" in "ant_system_tsp.m" should be "curnode = startnode(k)". Because an ant should be put on a randomly vertex each time.

23 Apr 2012 Evolution Strategies (ES) Algorithm that implements 'Evolution Strategies' (ES) ('mu-lambda' and 'mu+lambda' variants). Author: Gilberto A. Ortiz

The implementation is very straightforward and good based on my opinion. However, the program becomes slow when tested by n_x=30, mu=lambda=100 after a few hundred generations. This may be the problem of Evolutionary Strategy itself not the implementation.

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