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29 Aug 2011 Dynamic Copula Toolbox 3.0 Functions to estimate copula GARCH and copula Vine models. Author: Manthos Vogiatzoglou

Dear Author,
Thanks for your work, now I meet a problem with FitModel.m as:
[parameters, LogL, evalmodel, GradHess, varargout] = fitModel(spec, out1, fminunc)
??? Error using ==> fminunc at 156
FMINUNC requires two input arguments.

I am still confusing with the data input way, because I already transformed the stock return into empirical CDF through empirical.m in out1 and just put out1 instead of data in the FitModel.m function, you see the error comes out as FMINUNC requires two input arguments. So could you show me how to input the data in a correct way?

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