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29 Jul 2013 Screenshot Indirect Matrix Converter with unity voltage transfer ratio AC to AC converter with unity transfer ratio Author: ak simulation, simulink 40 0
25 Jul 2013 Screenshot Three phase high frequency isolated DC-DC converter It provides Low voltage conversion ratio, isolation, good regulation with fast dynamic response. Author: ak simulation, simulink 36 0
15 Jul 2013 Screenshot 25 level inverter using sub-multilevel cells Twenty five level DC to AC converter using sub multilevel cells. Author: ak simulation, simulink 36 1
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4.0 | 1 rating
11 Jul 2013 Screenshot PSO for Global optimization Problems Particle Swarm Optimization program for Rosenbrock function Author: ak pso, rosenbrock function, global optimization p..., mathematics 29 1
11 Feb 2013 Screenshot Interleaved Buck Converter Interleaved buck converter having low switching losses and improved step-down conversion ratio. Author: ak simulation, simulink 37 0
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14 Dec 2014 Cascaded H bridge Multilevel Inverter It generates ac output of 27 level per phase. Author: ak rabbani roslan

hi.. im newbie here.. i do not know how to determine the pulse signal for each switch. can u give me the pulse for hepwm?thank you.. =)

08 Nov 2014 Z source Multi level inverter It possess the advantage of reduced harmonics with boosted output voltage. Author: ak naushad

19 Oct 2014 Hysteresis control of DC to DC buck converter The hysteresis control of DC to DC converter is designed to improve the dynamic response. Author: ak xutao

a good paper.

27 Jun 2014 Cascaded H bridge Multilevel Inverter It generates ac output of 27 level per phase. Author: ak hanuma kumar

28 May 2014 Single phase cycloconverter with voltage control The output frequency and the voltage can controlled. Author: ak nurul syahida

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