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James Kerns

MD Anderson Cancer Center

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10 Sep 2014 Screenshot UVC Suite The Ultraviolet Catastrophe suite (UVCS) is a package that perform a number of TG-142 related tasks. Author: James Kerns medical physics, mlc, quality assurance, vmat, dynalog, mlc log 28 0
18 Jul 2014 Screenshot VMAT QA Analyzes VMAT quality assurance EPID images for routine Varian linac QA. Author: James Kerns image processing, medical physics, vmat, quality assurance 27 0
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24 Jun 2013 GetSID - get unique Windows ID Gets a Window's system SID (unique computer ID) Author: Yair Altman

Simple, but just what I needed. Always enjoy Yair's work.

23 May 2012 progressbar Simple, efficient, and user friendly replacement for waitbar. Author: Steve Hoelzer

01 Feb 2012 Bezier curve Creates a Bezier curve from 2D points (up to 1000) and can create an interpolated curve from it. Author: Jesús Lucio

Very good program. Wish it would allow 1000+ points of input though.

31 Aug 2011 Detect lines in grayscale image using Hough Transform Detection of lines (line segments) in a grayscale image using gradient-based Hough Transform. Author: Tao Peng

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