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14 Apr 2014 Alarm network Implementation of the famous alarm network in BNT toolbox Author: Siqi bnt toolbox, alarm network, bayesian network 9 0
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03 Mar 2014 Active geometric shape models The active geometric shape model is a novel approach for fitting geometric shapes in images. Author: Quan Wang


03 Mar 2014 GPU Implementation for GVF Force Field We implement the GVF force field on GeForce GPU using CUDA. Author: Quan Wang


03 Mar 2014 GMM-HMRF GMM-Based Hidden Markov Random Field for Color Image and 3D Volume Segmentation Author: Quan Wang


03 Mar 2014 HMRF-EM-image Implementation of the Hidden Markov Random Field Model and its Expectation-Maximization Algorithm Author: Quan Wang


03 Mar 2014 Kernel PCA and Pre-Image Reconstruction standard PCA, Gaussian kernel PCA, polynomial kernel PCA, pre-image reconstruction Author: Quan Wang

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