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Richard Tol

U Sussex
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Personal Profile:

professor of economics at U Sussex and Vrije U Amsterdam

Professional Interests:
economics of energy, environment and climate


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02 Oct 2014 processCRU.m Takes gridded, monthly weather data from CRU and turns it into gridded, annual climate data Author: Richard Tol weather, climate, gridded data, cru, data processing 23 0
02 Sep 2014 rtol/FUND-Global Code for FUND 4.0 MG Author: Richard Tol climate change, social cost of carbon, integrated assessment..., carbon cycle, global warming, simple climate model 2 0
16 Sep 2013 Bivariate kernel regression with restrictions Nadaraya-Watson kernel regression with restrictions Author: Richard Tol statistics, nonparametric methods, kernel density 14 0
13 Sep 2013 Bivariate kernel density and regression Bivariate kernel density, kernel regression, and kernel quantile regression Author: Richard Tol statistics, nonparametric methods, quantile regression, kernel density 5 0
14 Sep 2011 Web scraping Scrapes data from multiple websites and stores them in a structured database Author: Richard Tol data import, demo, web scraping 21 0

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