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19 Sep 2011 MATLAB interface for L-BFGS-B Matlab interface to the L-BFGS-B nonlinear optimization algorithm Author: Peter Carbonetto

I am installing the win32 platform following Guillaume JACQUENOT's steps and using MATLAB7. My computer has Windows 7.

In my case, I have to add
#include <iostream>
#include <cstring>
in matlabstring.cpp before to compile it
(mex -v -g -c -f mexopts.bat matlabstring.cpp).

I have successed on compile:
mex -v -g -c -f mexopts_fortran.bat solver.f
mex -v -g -c -f mexopts.bat arrayofmatrices.cpp
mex -v -g -c -f mexopts.bat lbfgsb.cpp
mex -v -g -c -f mexopts.bat matlabexception.cpp
mex -v -g -c -f mexopts.bat matlabmatrix.cpp
mex -v -g -c -f mexopts.bat matlabprogram.cpp
mex -v -g -c -f mexopts.bat matlabscalar.cpp
mex -v -g -c -f mexopts.bat matlabstring.cpp
mex -v -g -c -f mexopts.bat program.cpp

However, I can not achieve to compile:
mex -v -g -f mexopts.bat -output lbfgsb *.obj. I have this error:
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
link command: g++ -shared C:\Users\JU\APPLIC~1\MATHWO~1\MATLAB\R14\gnumex\mex.def -o lbfgsb.dll -g -Wl,--image-base,0x28000000\n -LC:\Users\JU\APPLIC~1\MATHWO~1\MATLAB\R14\gnumex arrayofmatrices.obj lbfgsb.obj matlabexception.obj matlabmatrix.obj matlabprogram.obj matlabscalar.obj matlabstring.obj program.obj solver.obj -llibmx -llibmex -llibmat

C:\MATLAB7\BIN\WIN32\MEX.PL: Error: Link of 'lbfgsb.dll' failed.

I would be very grateful to any help. Thanks,

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