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20 Sep 2012 Nonlinear Diffusion Toolbox Set of functions to perform nonlinear diffusion on images. Author: Frederico D'Almeida

Hi Frederico,

I am trying "nldif" function, and find that there are two options for diffusion: one is "AOS" by aosiso.m and the other is "iso" by isodifstep.
For "AOS", the result is good when I choose stepSize = 2; But for "iso", I cannot get good result for any stepSize (from 0.01 to 1...).
I want to know what value of stepSize for "iso" case can get the same result as "aos". I suppose "aos" and "iso" should get the same result when choose proper stepSize. The only different should be the speed. Is it correct?
And when I try to feed back from "aos" result to "iso" stepSize ( (aosiso(y, g, 2) - y)/dy ), but I can not get a uniform stepSize value.

Can you help me to explain above case?

code for feedback:
% Calculate dy/dt
%if aos
% if plotflux
% yo = y;
% end
% y = aosiso(y,g,stepsize(i)); % updating
% dy = isodifstep(y, g);
% y = y + stepsize(i) * dy; % updating
tmp = y;
tmp1 = aosiso(y, g, 2) - tmp;
dy = isodifstep(y, g);
ios_step = tmp1 / dy;


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