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29 Nov 2014 Screenshot Variable Frequency PWM block This block provides an adjustable frquency PWM signal. Author: Hadi Malek pwm, variable frequency, converter 107 0
25 Nov 2014 Screenshot Extremum Seeking Control MPPT for PV Extremum seeking control (ESC) is another alternate for peak power seeking applications Author: Hadi Malek maximum power point t..., photovoltaic, mppt, extremum seeking cont... 194 0
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28 Jan 2013 Grid-Connected PV Array Two demonstrations of a grid-connected PV array using SimPowerSystems. Author: Pierre Giroux

This model is the best one that I've ever seen. Thanks

28 Jan 2013 Grid connected PV system with MPPT PV system is connected to Grid via MPPT and Inverter Author: Siva Malla

this simulation doesnt work with your other MPPT block (P&O). I replaced the MPPT with P&O block that you've design and it totally lost.

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