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13 Nov 2012 dateNtick Annotate a plot with both dates AND times. Author: Kevin J. Delaney

Excellent function, but it seems that doesn't save plots in 'eps' format correctly

27 Jan 2012 rotateXLabels( ax, angle, varargin ) Rotate x-tick labels to any angle, preserving font settings and coping with resize, zoom, pan etc Author: Ben Tordoff

26 Sep 2011 QR/RQ/QL/LQ factorizations QR/RQ/QL/LQ factorizations of an array. Author: Ivo Houtzager

Hi, i'm a student and i have some problems with the functions.
- How it works?, because i put,for example, [L,Q]=LQ(A) and matlab displays this message:
"??? Attempt to execute SCRIPT lq as a function"
I put all files in the current directory, and i did File -> Set Path....., but the same message is displayed.
Please help! :(

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