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24 Sep 2014 textborder - Higher contrast text using a 1-pixel-thick border Draws text on a figure with a 1-pixel-thick border. Author: Joao Henriques

Works really nice. There a bug when using graphics with transparency (when the figure's render property is set to 'opengl'). It might be the same bug as Colin suffered. I fixed it by forcing the white text with an offset of 1 in its z coordinate, while the black text remains on the z=0 plane.

line 44 of the April 2010 version:
set(h, 'Position', [pos(1:2), 1])

06 Oct 2011 GUI Layout Toolbox Layout management objects for MATLAB GUIs Author: Ben Tordoff

Great tool.

There is a problem with the BoxPanel. The widgets do not get the correct color when I set it to a different color than the default blueish one (in fact the widget color is hardcoded as 'titleColor' at line 71).

04 Oct 2011 SplashScreen Show a splash-screen during MATLAB application start-up. Author: Ben Tordoff

Nice addition, thank you!

I have a problem in my standalone application: the application hangs when executing the 'delete(s)' command (the splash screen disappears before crashing). Do you have an idea why?

My workaround is to hide the splash screen instead:


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