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Jeny Rajan

University of Antwerp

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Website : http://jenyrajan.googlepages.com/

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18 Jan 2011 Noise estimation from rician noise corrupted images This program can be used for estimating noise from an image corrupted with rician noise (eg: MRI) Author: Jeny Rajan noise estimation, noise variance, rician noise, mri, skewness 32 0
05 Sep 2008 Generalised Sobel Filter for Edge Detection Program for generating edge images using sobel filter of any size Author: Jeny Rajan filtering, sobel, edge, filter, mask, image processing 34 4
  • 4.66667
4.7 | 3 ratings
02 Sep 2008 Screenshot Molecular Image Denoising Program for removing noise from molecular level images Author: Jeny Rajan enhancement, image denoising, molecular image, filtering, diffusion 25 0
16 Mar 2007 program Color balancing A simple program for color balancing Author: Jeny Rajan color, color balance, white balance, color balancing, image processing 23 8
  • 3.16667
3.2 | 6 ratings
09 Feb 2007 Screenshot Image Reflection simple program for one sided image reflection along a line Author: Jeny Rajan application, reflection, mirror image 18 2
  • 4.25
4.2 | 4 ratings
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22 Jul 2014 Image segmentation & Extraction This program segments and extracts objects from an image. Author: Jeny Rajan P, MALU

Pls get me the code for segmentation

20 Jun 2014 3D Rigid body transformation This program is for rigid body transformation of 3D objects. Author: Jeny Rajan John

A couple of points:
1) It does not interpolate. This is okay for translations with this script because all translations are in integer quantities in each axis. But the lack of interpolations mean rotations will produce some unexpected artefacts.
2) You have to go into the code to add a fill value for shifted in data.
3) SLoooooooooooow!
4) No documentation, so you have to torture yourself with mental tetris + trial and error to figure out how axes are set in this script

If you want to do 3d rigid transformations, your best bet is to use the Image Processing Toolbox's imwarp function, after specifying the centroid/frame origin. It provides functionality for interpolation (very important!). Also take note of what value it inserts to shifted in data when translation happens. Imwarp takes care of the fill values too. I know, MATLAB charges big bucks for it, but they have a perfect, efficient, and well documented implementation in imwarp. Yes, it's also a little bit more work to figure out imwarp - no pain no gain.

I gave the script a 1 star rating. That star is for participation!

23 May 2014 Gray image to Color image conversion Converts a gray image to color image Author: Jeny Rajan Jason, Lin

It's powful,thank a lot

05 May 2014 Image segmentation & Extraction This program segments and extracts objects from an image. Author: Jeny Rajan swathi

21 Apr 2014 Image Denoising using Fourth Order PDE Denoise images based on fourth order partial differential equations. Author: Jeny Rajan Harjoseputro, Yulius

hi, i'm very interested about your program. I have download example code in your program but I get error like this :

Error in gradient (line 49)
[err,f,ndim,loc,rflag] = parse_inputs(f,varargin);

Output argument "varargout{2}" (and maybe others) not assigned during call to "C:\Program

Error in fpdepyou (line 20)

Can you help me please to fix this error?

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