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12 Sep 2012 Java Heap Cleaner Simple function cleaning up, at runtime, Java heap memory, thus preventing java OutOfMemory error Author: Davide Tabarelli

Great idea, but I have the same problem:

Undefined variable "org" or class "org.dt.matlab.utilities.JavaMemoryCleaner.clear".

12 Oct 2011 M-code LaTeX Package Easily include nicely syntax highlighted m-code in your LaTeX documents. Author: Florian Knorn

Thanks Florain, this package works really great!

One question, though: I include some code from a .m file like this
\lstinputlisting[firstline=6, lastline=18]{myscript.m}

Your package will display line numbers, but they are always numbered starting with 1. In the example above, it would be great to see the actual line numbers as you would see them in the Matlab editor, i.e. numbered from 6 to 18. Is this possible with your package?

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