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22 May 2013 Fast normalised cross correlation for gray-level and color images An extention of the normxcorr2 function. Author: Rami

12 May 2013 On-figure magnifier Powerful on-figure magnifier, suitable for the publication of compact graphical results Author: David Fernandez-Prim

Thank you for sharing your code.
I hade used this code.
Initial position vector ([left bottom width height]),the unit is 'pixels' ,the width and height can be right,but left and bottom are wrong. the same problem is with 'initialPositionMagnifier'.
For exemple:
[Tempfirst,rect] = imcrop(Picfirst);
figure(2);imshow(Picfirst);title('Picfirst and Tempfirst');
'mode','interactive','edgeWidth', 3,'edgeColor', 'red');

01 Feb 2013 local maxima \ minima a simple (but effective) code to find local maximas Author: Yonathan Nativ

Thank you very much. this code is very helpful in find maxima in the matrices.

21 Apr 2012 N-dimensional sparse arrays Creates an N-dimensional sparse array object, for arbitrary N. Author: Matt J

Thank you for your program.

20 Oct 2011 Contra Harmonic Mean and Alpha Trimmed Filter Unoptimized code but not using any matlab functions Author: Kashif Shahzad

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