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Tallha Akram


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"Pattern Recognition for Computer Vision"


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31 Oct 2013 Image Encryption This GUI does the Image Encryption of any RGB, Gray image of different formats. Author: busy

14 Oct 2013 A suite of minimal bounding objects Suite of tools to compute minimal bounding circles, rectangles, triangles, spheres, incircles, etc. Author: John D'Errico


Code works find for the data points. How can i modify current code for image data?

11 Feb 2013 comparison of edge detection algorithm we have to compare the algorithm and then got the output in matlab code. Author: kasthuri s

Is this somekind of joke. The file is given asv extension, when open with notepad, simple 4 matlab functions were used.

06 Feb 2013 3D histogram of RGB image Creates 3D-histogram from an RGB image in the form of balls within the RGB cube Author: Pavel Rajmic

Nice Work....

04 Feb 2013 Spectral Visual Saliency Toolbox Implementations of several state-of-the-art visual saliency detection algorithms. Author: Boris Schauerte

unable to compile following files

mex -c dct_type2_48.cpp
mex -c dct_type2_64.cpp
mex -c dct_type3_48.cpp
mex -c dct_type3_64.cpp

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