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18 Nov 2013 Cody Knots_sample.zip File Knots Dataset from Contest Author: Richard Zapor knots 5 0
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21 Jan 2013 Circulant matrix The circulant matrix generated from a vector as the first row (or first column) Author: John D'Errico

Why not use R2012B

gallery('circul',c)'; ?

11 Dec 2012 atan2(0..360) Function calculates the arc tangent of y/x and places the result in range of [0..360] Author: Small Satellites

atan2d exists in R2012B and gives 0:180 and 0:-180.
Thus to get [0:360) is two lines
if ang<0,ang=ang+360;end

05 Jul 2012 mandelbrot This gui draws a mandelbrot figure. # iteration, complexity, color can be change. Author: erinc topdemir

The function implemented is incorrect.

The correct equation is:

Z0=-2 is a Mandelbrot number, Wiki.

The ability to zoom below 0.1 is desireable. This is where the interesting structures occur.

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