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22 Feb 2013 TDMS Reader Read TDMS files v1 & v2 without DLL Current Version: 2.5 Author: Jim Hokanson

I am using your algorithm posted on the MATLAB Central to read data from a TDMS file, however I am getting an error which I do not quite understand why.

This is a section of my code:
getStruct = struct;
getStruct.group = {'6120'};
getStruct.channel = {'Untitled 3'};
getStruct.indices = [2 3];
tempOutput4 = TDMS_readTDMSFile(fname,'GET_INDICES',getStruct,'SUBSET_IS_LENGTH',false)

However I get these errors:
Error using cell/ismember>cellismemberlegacy (line 132)
Input A of class cell and input B of class cell must be cell arrays of strings,
unless one is a string.

Error in cell/ismember (line 76)
[varargout{1:nlhs}] = cellismemberlegacy(varargin{:});

Error in TDMS_handleGetDataOption (line 167)
[~,loc] = ismember(objPaths_getIndex,objectPaths);

Error in TDMS_readTDMSFile (line 228)
optionStruct = TDMS_handleGetDataOption('getArray',paramsStruct,metaStruct); %Option

Error in Test1 (line 21)
tempOutput4 =

I am using MATLAB R2012b.

Any suggestions?

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