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09 May 2012 Logrank Comparing survival curves of two groups using the log rank test Author: Giuseppe Cardillo

Very useful, but I had two questions. (1) LogRank gives an error at line 116, at [table1 table12 t1 T1 xcg1 ycg1 lambda1]=kmplot(x1,0.05,cflag,0);
This is fixed by deleting the last arg to kmplot, giving kmplot(x1,0.05,flag);

2) The p-value for LogRank is twice what it should be? 0.03058 vs. 0.01529 in the file header. Perhaps, mismatch between old documentation and changed function, or extra factor of 2 in p = 2*(1-0.5*erfc(-z/realsqrt(2))); %p-value

Removing Yates' gives 0.019250, which is correct. I tend to think 0.03058 is correct, with the Yates' correction. Thanks for the super-useful code!

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