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18 Sep 2010 Screenshot raiseFigure - Intuitive alternative to figure(h) command Identifies figures by Title (or tag), not by figure number Author: Thomas Clark figure, handle, tag, name, title 6 0
16 Sep 2009 Default_Path_Retrieval Save and retrieve last-used path strings. Ideal for users of uigetfile() and similar functions. Author: Thomas Clark uigetfile, uigetdir, uiputfile, path handling, path, default path 11 0
25 Jun 2009 Screenshot FORTRAN_Mex_Highlighter Improvement of syntax highlighting for FORTRAN MEX files (using an external editor like GEDIT) Author: Thomas Clark gedit, fortran, mex, syntax, highlighting, editor 15 0
25 Aug 2005 Screenshot OceanMap Manually enter matrix elements in a GUI, then save to a *.MAT file. Author: Thomas Clark matrices, flexible array editor, flexarray, matrix, gui, submersible 18 9
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31 Oct 2014 Tree data structure as a MATLAB class A per-value class that implements a generic tree data structure. Author: Jean-Yves Tinevez

Jean-Yves, thank you for an extraordinarily well documented and well put together submission.

This is an extremely useful tool straight out of the box. I also think it's a hallmark of the best submissions that it's possible to actually learn about the aspect of computer science they cover (in this case trees) from the documentation, as well as simply how to implement the code (given presupposed knowledge on the concept).

I've learned a lot today, and this submission will form the basis of a planned refactoring of the way my company manages frame of reference changes in multi body simulations.

I have one question on indexing however. Is it possible/sensible to implement a sub2ind() type method for the tree, so that for example you could retrieve branches or leaves based on their location in the tree?

For example, in your smaller example of the C.elegans lineage tree (the image in the submission), t.get(2,1,3) could return 'E.ar'. That way you don't need to keep a database of the single indices corresponding to each node.

I'd be happy to help with this if you'd be interested in collaborating - being more familiar with the code, perhaps you could suggest a good strategy/starting point?

Best regards

Tom Clark

12 Aug 2014 WSOLA sound Time Scaling WSOLA Algorithm implementation for time scaling(streching/compressing) in the time domain. Author: Arthur Dgn

Nice to have a decent reference to back this up.
As far as I can tell at the moment, the code itself seems fine, so thanks for your efforts.

However, it's be difficult to use this out of the box for a general application - it's really just a case of needing a tidy up to become a very useful and generally applicable function, though.

I have two main issues:
1. lack of documentation - inputs are only roughly described rather than defined, no syntax, no help examples, no versioning etc etc.

2. I'm concerned about lack of generality caused by use of hard coded constants. Especially things like win_time, overlap_ratio, max_err which depend on programmer defined constants that I'm fairly sure require tuning for different applications. The fact that these aren't well defined in the comments doesn't make it that easy to infer the impact these values have without decent understanding of the method.

Example (admittedly a little extreme): I'm using this method to resample a time series of data sampled at 1Hz. A hanning window size of 0.02s isn't appropriate so I'm having to rewrite the input parsing totally.

17 Mar 2014 stlwrite - Write binary or ascii STL file This is an update to the excellent work done by Sven Holcombe to add color support Author: Grant Lohsen

Immediate bug using the STLWRITE(FILE,FACES,VERTICES) syntax:

'Attempted to access facecolor(:,1); index out of bounds because size(facecolor)=[0,0]'

Unfortunately, the options parsing code is pretty dense (much denser than it need be, I think) so rather than debug it myself, I'm shifting back to Sven's code.

Grant, you may find this submission useful; its a very convenient and robust way of options parsing:

04 Mar 2014 Visual Studio Toolbar for mex interface with video tutorial Seamless interface, VS 2010 and 2012 and Matlab for MEX. Video linked to step you through. Author: Stefan Karlsson

Used the VS2012 extension.

Works seamlessly, thank you very much.

It took me a long time to figure out how to do this for IFC on Linux, I wasn't relishing the process of working out the same thing on VS2012 for an entirely different platform!

11 Jun 2013 Small Amplitude Wave Theory Parameters of a water wave, using small amplitude wave theory. Author: Gabriel Ruiz

Downgrading my rating after finding more serious bugs in the equations for fluid velocity (U,W) which should not be a function of g according to:
More than happy to up my rating again if there is a defence of the system used

At this point it is more rigorous to simply re-write the function rather than comb through line by line looking for more bugs.

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02 Dec 2008 OceanMap Manually enter matrix elements in a GUI, then save to a *.MAT file. Author: Thomas Clark Luigi Giaccari

That'is it Ifound
Mister clark there is nothing wrong in my pc, maybe you should
turn the profile off when you run a new test try this. Especially
before giving low and inappropriate rating.

% profile on
% profile clear


%Maybe you forgot this !!!!

profile off

profile off

profile off

profile off


Npoints = logspace(1,6,15);
lengthN = numel(Npoints);
convhull_times = zeros(lengthN,1);
chull2d_times = zeros(lengthN,1);
for i = 1:lengthN
chull1 = convhull(x,y);
convhull_times(i) = toc;
chull2d_times(i) = toc;

hold on
legend({'Native convhull';'convhull2d'})
title('Performance comparison')
% profile viewer

05 Oct 2007 OceanMap Manually enter matrix elements in a GUI, then save to a *.MAT file. Author: Thomas Clark


ActiveX objects do not (usually) have a visibility property. Nor can they be embedded in an uipanel (which of course may be hidden along with it's contents).

The only way to hide activeX objects (that I know of) is to move them:
>move(handle,[x y wdth ht]);
check out the help on move for more info. Don't forget to save the original position so you can move it back!

Kind Regards


26 Jul 2007 OceanMap Manually enter matrix elements in a GUI, then save to a *.MAT file. Author: Thomas Clark

Thank you!

just a question: is it possible to Hide/unHide the FlexGrid control?

09 Jul 2007 OceanMap Manually enter matrix elements in a GUI, then save to a *.MAT file. Author: Thomas Clark

Thank's for good example.
However, I don't know how use the ColWidth property of flexArray. I want to exchange a column width in flexArray. Can you help me?

03 Apr 2007 OceanMap Manually enter matrix elements in a GUI, then save to a *.MAT file. Author: Thomas Clark

finally something usefull

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