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Venkatesh Yadav

Texas Tech University

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18 Mar 2014 Decentralized Combined Heat Power Plant Model of DCHP for isolated power system. Read the reference [2] for more details Author: Venkatesh Yadav isolated power system, decentralized combine... 27 0
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16 Mar 2014 Linear Model for changing Frequency of Wind, PV, Diesel, Battery, Fuel Cell and Load Hybrid System. Modeled wind, PV, FC, Battery, Diesel and load with transfer fucntion Author: Siva Malla

Incorrect model...doesn't make sense......the deviation goes to a large value of 10^9 after 100 seconds

13 Dec 2013 PMSG based Wind Power Generation System wind power generation based on Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator Author: Siva Malla

proper references are not provided despite the users request. Most of the blocks of the model is similar to that of the one presented in the simpowersystems examples of Matlab 2012 version.

12 Apr 2012 Power System State Estimation using WLS Power System State Estimation using Weighted Least Square Method Author: PRAVI

the calculation of H12(element of Jacobian Matrix) is incorrect.

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