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15 Nov 2011 mmread Read virtually any media file in Windows, Linux, or Mac. Author: Micah Richert

I'm trying to read in an mpg movie that's about 24minutes long, which is obviously too big to fit into memory. However, even when I take it in chunks, say 500 frames (about 8 seconds), there's still not enough memory to do anything with the data. Does this seem right?
My main issue is that I want to be able to track a (slow) moving object so I really need more than 8 seconds to adequately differentiate between the object and the background.
Is there a way to extend how much I'm able to read in so I can average over a larger sample, or to free the memory in a better way? Thanks for your help.

15 Nov 2011 Motion Detection in a video motion detection in a video or live objects Author: Lokesh Peddireddi

When I try and run it with the sample video I get the error "??? Error using ==> run at 5. Initialization failed. (No combination of intermediate filters could be found to make the connection)."

Anyone know what the cause is?

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