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Leo Simon

U.C. Berkeley

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21 Jul 2014 RMVAR Remove variables from MAT-File RMVAR is a simple program that removes specified variable(s) from a MAT-File Author: Frederic Moisy

Thanks for this, most useful.

I modified the file slightly, so that if the variable you tried to remove isn't actually in the matfile, then the program reports this but doesn't crash:

WHOS = whos('-file',filename);
removeThese = {};
for ii=1:numel(varargin);
if isempty(strmatch(strvcat(WHOS(:).name),varargin{ii}));
disp([ varargin{ii} ' isn''t saved in ' filename ]);
removeThese = [ removeThese , varargin{ii} ];
vars = rmfield(load(filename),removeThese);

09 Jan 2014 suplabel Places text as a title, xlabel, or ylabel on a group of subplots. Author: Ben Barrowes

Great script. Is there any way to use \bar and \tilde with it? It appears not to be possible. E.g.,
works fine but
can't interpret the string. The handle doesn't appear to have an 'Interpreter' field either.

25 Apr 2013 legendshrink Shrinks the length of the legend lines. Author: Will Robertson

I'd prefer to leave the legend box on. Is there any way of shrinking the box as you shrink the lines?

14 Mar 2013 legendflex: a more flexible legend Create a legend with more flexible positioning and labeling capabilities Author: Kelly Kearney

Thanks very much for this program, it's very helpful. I'm having one problem, which may or may not be specific to legendflex. I'm using it to print my legend to a separate figure. I want to resize my legend to be the same size as a regular figure. I can do this on screen with


To match on paper what I have on screen I would normally use


But when I set 'PaperPosition' to the desired size, to preseve the larger sized legend, and then print, I get this message:

Warning: Positioning Figure for ResizeFcn. Set PaperPositionMode to 'auto' (match figure screen size) to avoid resizing and this warning.

I've never had this problem before, so wondering if it's something special about legendflex.

Any advice would be most appreciated!


14 Aug 2012 Teaching Numerical Gradients and Hessians Simple, well-commented Matlab code to demonstrate how to take numerical derivatives and Hessians. Author: Brendan Wood

Thanks for this! It *looks* like there should be a script somewhere that calls each of the various functions, but there isn't one in the download zip. Was there meant to be?

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